Tips for Making the Best Use of Your AC Unit

AC Efficiency in Ponca City, OK

There are a variety of ways to get creative when it comes to staying cool and comfortable during the summer. But when the summer heat is at its peak, sometimes the wisest choice is to turn up the air conditioning. The problem, however, is that overuse may lead to AC damage and higher utility costs, something we all don’t want to think about this summer. So, to help you maximize your AC, we’ve outlined some top tips.

Start Early

This means turning your AC on early in the morning before the temperature rises. Doing this will help keep the room cooler for longer. This is much more efficient than using the AC when your home is already hot. In fact, starting the AC earlier may let you turn off the AC later in the day.

Close Your Blinds and Windows

Another simple trick is to close all your blinds and windows during the day, especially if you have any that face south or west. Not only will this help keep the cool temperature in, but it will also prevent extra heat from the sun from getting inside the house.

Check Your Unit’s Filter

Next, make sure that your AC’s filter is clean. Usually, these filters are easily removable and can be cleaned with warm soap and water. However, some units use replaceable filters. Whatever the case, make sure the one inside your unit is clean because dirty ones will block the cold air from coming out.

Use A Fan

When it’s not too hot anymore, give your AC a break and use an electric fan instead. These appliances use much less energy than ACs and will do a good job of circulating the cold air left behind by your AC.

Maintain Your Unit

If your unit is a few years old, then a quick maintenance visit from a professional should increase its lifespan and make sure it’s operating at expected efficiency levels. If you need one, we at Stolhand-Wells Plumbing, Heating, and Air are always available to help.

This summer, stay cool without raising the electricity bills by maximizing AC use. At Stolhand-Wells Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we can help you make good use of your AC through regular maintenance visits. We also offer AC repairs and installations and a full range of heating services. In addition, our team is available to provide plumbing, duct cleaning and sealing, and insulation services throughout Ponca City, Stillwater, and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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