Is It Normal to Smell Gas Near a Furnace?


Wintertime in Ponca City, OK, can get downright cold, and you’ll reach for the thermostat to turn on your furnace. If you happen to be near the furnace when it turns on, you might notice the strong unpleasant odor of natural gas. It’s important to know when the smell of natural gas is normal and when it isn’t normal so that you can keep yourself and your family safe.

Faint Odor at the Start of a Heating Cycle

It’s normal and safe to detect the faint odor of natural gas at the start of a heating cycle. If you happen to be next to the furnace when it kicks on, you might smell the natural gas for just a second or two. It shouldn’t be a strong odor, and it should go away quickly.

Persistent or Strong Gas Odor by the Furnace

A strong natural gas odor coming from the furnace is never normal. A persistent odor of natural gas for the duration of a heating cycle also isn’t normal. If you notice either of these situations, your furnace may have a problem. To be safe, evacuate everyone from your home. Once you’re safely out and away from the structure, call for an emergency furnace inspection and repair.

Strong Odor of Gas Away From the Furnace

If you can smell gas in a room of your home that’s not near the furnace, this isn’t normal. Your furnace could have a problem, or your home may have a gas leak. Get out, and call for urgent repairs.

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