Ponca City’s Drain Cleaning Experts

Sink faucet Are your drains running slow or regularly backing up? Are you concerned that your home might flood as a result of it? Or do you just want to be proactive and ensure you have the proper flow? Regardless of your motives, at Stolhand-Wells Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we’re proud to offer industry-leading drain cleaning services on all pipes in or outside of the home. Plumbing issues are never something to put off, as the consequences could be far reaching.

Work with us for your drain cleaning needs, and you’ll also be privy to various other perks, such as:

  • Offered 24-hour emergency service
  • Honest, up front pricing
  • Free estimates
  • Quality service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • The latest tools and technology to resolve any issue

Why is Drain Cleaning Necessary?

Household drains don’t just take on water. Depending on where they’re located in the home, they may also take on soap, grease, hair, toothpaste, grime, food debris, dirt and even waste. Exterior drains may accumulate sand or have tree roots growing through them, which can impede flow. Yes, you can use store-bought cleaners to unclog slow running drains and administer other DIY methods, but these solutions may compromise the integrity of the pipes.

Satisfaction GuaranteeThat’s where our services come in, as a proper, professional drain cleaning can prevent issues such as:

  • Drain overflow and water damage, which may lead to mold growth
  • Sewage damage
  • Pipe damage

Ponca City’s Drain Cleaning Professionals Since 1981

Our drain cleaning services are highly effective. What’s more is that we’ve mastered the process to a point where we’ll be in and out of your home at a minimum inconvenience to you. If we detect issues with drains or pipes, we can even take the proper measures to have the appliance replaced.

Our drain cleaning services are offered in:

Don’t rely on store-bought drain cleaners or DIY hacks to restore proper flow, call in the plumbing experts to ensure it’s done correctly.

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