Does Humidity Affect My Air Conditioner?

High Humidity in Ponca City, Oklahoma

Humidity reaching over 60% in your home could become bad news if your system isn’t up to par. Moist heat during the summer not only feels gross, but it could also cost you money.

Air Conditioners and Humidity

Air conditioners function by removing the moisture from the air and dispersing cool air. The consistent process of trying to rid the air of humidity will cause your AC to overexert itself over time. The costs of repairs and the eventual replacement of a system like this in a city with humidity are high.

When air conditioners fight against moisture and lose, you’ll notice the humidity settling on your fabrics, making a smelly odor. There are several reasons why your system might not sufficiently eliminate the moisture, but most require immediate action.

The Reasons Your Home Is Humid

Oklahoma has its humid days. A common issue with moisture in the air is that a sound ventilation system is necessary to avoid negative air pressure. The system will vent all of the humid air inside of your home if the ventilation system is inadequate.

Another reason why your humidity may become too high is the speed and size of your air conditioner. Your system may simply spend too little time running to eliminate the moisture in the air effectively. The AC may not stay on long enough to take care of the humidity if it is too large or if it is lacking in speed levels.

There is also the chance that your issue has a simple fix. Your ceiling fans may circulate humidity throughout the room, undoing your air conditioner’s work. On very humid days, be sure to close any openings to the outside to avoid its interference with the AC.

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