Causes of Low Water Pressure at Home

Thanks to water pressure, you can wash dishes and take showers. Local governments pressurize water supply lines to help water flow. Like many things, you might not think about water pressure until it becomes a problem. The following reasons account for most homes’ low water pressure issues.

Corroded Steel Water Supply Lines

Several decades ago, plastic plumbing lines replaced their steel counterparts. Although steel is sturdy, steel water supply lines are prone to several issues not seen in PVC pipes. One of these problems is corrosion. Over time, usually over several decades, minerals like calcium latch on to steel pipes. This calcium, including other compounds like lime and rust, quickly hardens. These tightly constricted pipes stifle the flow of water, causing poor water pressure.

You Might Have Leaky Plumbing Joints

Steel and PVC plumbing lines are both prone to leaks. Plumbers or contractors use special adhesives to form tight bonds. Although these bonds typically last many years, they eventually break down. While everyone wants high water pressure, this pressure naturally strains pipe joints, potentially causing leaks. If you find leaky plumbing joints, you should fix them immediately.

Your Water Provider Might Be Experiencing Difficulties

Although municipal water networks are built to industrial standards, local water providers still experience issues occasionally. One of the most common municipal water failures is a busted water main. No matter the problem, however, there’s not much you can do to resolve your city’s water supply problems. If you’re experiencing low water pressure, report it to city officials. You may alert them to a problem they weren’t already aware of.

Check Your Water Supply Valves

Sink and toilet water supplies are controlled by local valves. To find them, look underneath your sink or behind your toilet. A child, family member, or visitor may have accidentally bumped into these valves, causing poor water pressure. Experiment with them to determine if they’re the cause of your water supply woes. They’re safe to twist on and off.

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