4 Steps to Installing an Air Conditioning Unit

AC Installation Process in Ponca City, OK

The lifespan of many air conditioning systems ranges between 10 and 15 years. Beyond this duration, there’s no guarantee of smooth operation. Therefore, AC professionals recommend replacing your AC unit once it runs its course. However, you can also replace your unit if it’s not running efficiently. Here are the steps to follow when installing your new cooling equipment.

1. Remove the Old AC Unit

Removing your old air conditioner is not as simple as just taking out the AC and putting it aside. It is the most lengthy and challenging step of the air conditioning installation process. Proper care needs to be taken to make sure nothing gets knocked out of place. That’s because your old system has various components that need proper disposal, like refrigerant. A certified HVAC technician knows how to manage that. After removing the old unit, the technician will prepare the space for the new system.

2. Install the New AC Unit

After removing the old system, installation of the new air conditioner can begin. This process might require new ductwork, electrical or piping connections. That will depend on the new and old AC units and whether the connections are the same.

3. Make the Necessary Connections

After installing your new cooling equipment, your AC technician will connect it to all the essential parts in your living space for it to work properly. The main component here is your ductwork. Sometimes, your technician may need to shift the ductwork around to make all the necessary connections. The same goes for all the electrical connections required for your AC to function.

4. Test the AC Unit

Testing your AC is the final and the most crucial step of professional AC installation. Your HVAC contractor will switch on the AC system and measure the intake and airflow to determine if the unit is operating optimally and efficiently.

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